Lab Technician

Job Brief

Our -food-grade manufacturing facility needs a full-time Lab Technician to operate under the supervision of our Lab Manager and CSO. The successful candidate will be responsible for testing ingredients and finished products to ensure correct composition and to identify any health or quality control issues that need to be corrected. He or she will also participate in the R&D aspects of the job, including sample preparation, product testing, and new process trials. We’re looking for a professional with experience in data collection and interpretation as well as the storage and retrieval of samples in a laboratory setting.


  • Perform basic chemical research, which includes designing and testing different formulations in the lab as well as on-site when necessary  

  • Perform quality control tests on ingredients, completed products and product samples  

  • Prepare samples prior to shipping them to customers  

  • Analyze retrieved data and prepare reports for laboratory management  

  • Follow all company policies and procedures to ensure product integrity and quality control

  • Assist with testing and calibrating lab equipment in preparation for specific tasks

  • Recognize and report any food safety issues


  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferred in general chemistry or chemical engineering

  • 5+ years’ general laboratory experience required. Experience in food manufacturing is preferred

  • Understand the principle of Design Of Experiment (DOE) and be able to execute experiment based on plan

  • Understand basic analytical chemistry terms and be able to use basic chemistry analytical tools

  • Be able to present data in a clear fashion.

  • Can follow instructions and perform step wise chemistry experiment, prefer to have scale up production experience (>300g batch)

  • Capable of prioritizing tasks to meet goals and ensure product quality

  • Willing to meet on-call obligations as needed

  • Detail Oriented

  • Ability to communicate effectively